by Q-Dot



released October 18, 2014

Writer| Q-Dot
Publisher| Sei Shuttle Records
Recorded By| Q-Dot @ Sei Shuttle Records, Singapore
Mixed By| Q-Dot @ Sei Shuttle Records, Singapore
Mastered By| Q-Dot and Mont Berg Kingsmen @ Sei Shuttle Records, Singapore
Artwork By| Q-Dot and Alice



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



SEI SHUTTLE RECORDS(SSR) is an independent Hip Hop record label based in Singapore, founded in 2009.

SEI SHUTTLE RECORDS (SSR) provides recording, mixing & mastering services. SSR also signs artists and works with them to develop projects and releases.

SEI SHUTTLE RECORDS(SSR) aims to educate the Hip Hop scene in Singapore to not copy, but reinvent the culture into one that is uniquely our own
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Track Name: Life For Me
VD is the life for me
Not tryna be what I see on TV VD is the life for me
Not Malay, Indian or Chinese
Cuz I'm color void Uh
I'm color void Cuz I'm color void
I'm color void

[Verse 1]
From Tampines I rose
Memories I hold close to me
At NTUC for groceries
That's Fairprice, no matter what you call it
We see the same things
That's what makes us Singaporean
So I begin
Pointing out the similarities
between myself
and the man standing right next to me
Without mentioning race or religion
Regardless of what it is
Happiness is what we chasing
Oppression is what we hating
I'll say it here and now
Fuck racial harmony
We need national unity
Against the real threat,
Instead of yellow brown or black
Everybody's colorvoid
Rep the fuckin the void deck
Don't mistake it for
juz another marketing gimmick
Want respect
swear to death that I'm coming to get it
Working for the voice to influence the choice
of the next generation to make some fuckin noise


[Verse 2]

Not the best Chinese rapper
cuz I'm just the best
They label my hard work, clockwork
and I'm racing hands
This life is 25/8, to me you can't relate
cuz I don't let a YouTube comment get to my head
And I know you been waiting for me to speed this up
It's Q on 9s beats, shining like a star, 5 ain't enough
Mainstream as aunties squeezing on MRTs
as underground as the same things coming 2017
And I'm still living life VD
Culture you'll never take from me
Bout to just fucking blow up and
show up on your TV screen
Living proof that you can chase your dreams
Cuz being too practical's like
never swimming when you're at the sea
Tough out the rough waves
defeat makes you salt-taste
but spit out your rhymes and stay biding your time
They doubting you? Make em pay
The time is now, todays the day
Not asking anymore
Drown em all, with the fucking wave


[Verse 3]
They say I'm hungry
Damn right I'm hungry
Worked too damn hard to be always tryna speak humbly
Walked too damn far to be turning around and running
From the critics saying I should quit
cuz they never did it
All the sacrifices and stress
No disguise, I'm on a quest
To write the stories told
Decades on when I get old
See, changing an entire culture's
not a one man show
Understand it takes time to execute
a well-planned goal
An army of Malays behind me
And I call em bros
Race is not an issue when within you lies soul
So widen up your vision
like crows fed by uncles
at windows
The path we're heading down seems narrow
The time's up to make a stand Instead of each other fight them
Those who try to divide
Only cause us to multiply
Peep game when you listen
See the cracks in a broken system
Picking up the pieces right now and I'm screaming out

Track Name: SWVG
No money wanna swag swag at where
No money wanna wear what brand leh?
No money wear bling bling for what
No money then don't talk so much

[Verse 1]
Stay in your lane, stay in your lane
You should dress modestly and not be ashamed if that's all your parents got
then make sure you gain
Not wealth of pocket but more of the brainInstead of material things buy imperial dreams
feed your mind in time you'll find
yourself a king
without all the bling and the dress up games
Those who really got made
don't wanna show off, maaaayne


[Verse 2]
Shoutout to everybody on their hustle
Whether lifting or pushing,
arranging building up their muscle
Chasing the plastic tho everything that shine ain't gold the struggle is drastic
We spend it all on shoes and clothes
(What for? Is it to look cool for hoes?)
Nope, the scene is full of groupies, 12 year-olds
(Then what do you do with it, other than dress well?)
I guess we need to look cool
in order to promote ourselvesI wish it were simpler
Messy hair, shorts and singlet
I'm a stylish motherfucker
but these price tags are ridiculous
I got nothing to brag about
Still living, eating in my parents house

How soon till my dreams come true?
Condo and a small car too
Those are some cartoons
All up on instagram
'Look at me I'm wearing this, I'm wearing that'
God damn
Don't live your whole life, enslaved to brands
You'll live and die, but the money keeps coming in for them

Track Name: Might
[Verse 1]
We might be right girl
We might be wrong
The similarity is
we both inspired this song
This complicated affair leads to hair pulling off my own head
You lying next to me in bed
And I'm sitting here juz wondering
about the ship it seems I'm plundering
This heart that beats is vacant
Panic, Titanic wasting
our time running around in circles
Yet with every round we fight, girl
It seems the more I hurt you
Uh I mean...

I might not be the right one and
It might not be the right time
But we
We might just make it work
And we
We might just make it through the hurt

[Verse 2]
Started off simple
Everyday you'd say I miss you
Try to find a way to fit you
inside of a busy schedule
Every girl I been with
Every situation I been thru
The player had to retire
Cuz I ain't met no one like you 'Man I'm so different' what they say
Fell for the old trick anyway
Infatuated, I was motivated
to be committed,
and stay sedated
from the pain, that came
in time, we changed
You and my heart
Cuz we all grow
some closer, and some apart
But it's so hard to let it go
memories down every road
What's worse is that it's Singapore
At least 10 mutual friends for sure
So I just cannot escape
try to get away
From the pain
So embrace both the love and the hate, babe


Look what we've done to
the dreams that could've come true
Everytime we both start to scream it's me and not you
I'm so sick and tired yet still
I keep trying
In the war of love
not you or me,
'We' dying

[Verse 3]
Uh, fuck that
I got no time
to be quarrelling and bitching
back and forth and of course
it's always gotta be my fault
I mean
I juz don't understand
I told you all my grand plans
But instead of helping me build
You wrecking with it your bare hands
It was simple, we got tangled
earphones in pocket holes
Made a bigger mess the harder we tried, and this is no lie, I find
A spot for you in my heart I'll always keep
Long as the grave we both dug
ain't too deep

Track Name: Candle Wax
Stars are falling
The night sky is calling
You had your chance
But the wait begins For another day

[Verse 1]
Whats up with you bro?
"Aint nothing much"
Life's a rush, been a minute
Since we been in touch
And everyday tryna
Find new ways to illustrate
With wordplay,
At times a stroke of paint
At times a messy spray
But hey
Enough about me
What about my old homie?
Talented tho your strength is not the academics
An epidemic, they told you in school that you were stupid
But no one saw the skills in your doodles when you drew it
Eventually you dropped out, financial woes
Lack of passion for the life for you
Your parents chose
Working 2 shifts
tryna make ends meet
Contribute to
Darlene's school fees
Life's taking its toll
Our childhood all but over
Cant even create the way you supposed to
Cant help but grieve the death of your artistic dreams on wax


[Verse 2]
You couldve been here with me Such a pity
Came in the scene same time Tried but really
We both had issues
OTW to the top

Hope you know this aint a diss
To the way that you dropped
The rap life that we led
Full of driven and wet
You let your dick do the thinking and It got you misled
Now, what could I say
To the young homie?
Just a kid,
Cant critique the way that you play
So i stepped aside like a ladder
And you stepped like a child
Reduced to only calling you Once in awhile
Fell right up out the game
Pussy got you insane
Dates at Marina Bay Sands
Feeling Romeo not knowing
How the story really ends
And without ambition
You just a shell of a man
Yelled in it god damn
No sound, just sand
Hope one day you get your fire back
With this candle wax

[Verse 3]
To the past me
Tell me about the Kids
Tell me about the jealousy
that tore us to bits
or was it
the insecurity in the minds
of the leaders
Came from solo mid lane
to a feeder
To reach ya
Went back in time to write this poem A solemn confession about
All the fears that came true
and Q
your girl gave up putting up with you left the dreamer
found herself an achiever
the reaper
gave no warning as he took your soul Rust from gold
Dusty cold
Soon I would know to practice what I preach

[Hook] (x2)